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Apple Mojito Tea

Apple Mojito Tea

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Introducing Our Refreshing Apple Mojito Tea

Experience a burst of flavor and energy with our invigorating Apple Mojito Tea. Crafted with a delightful blend of wild apple, refreshing peppermint, potent green tea extract, pure green tea leaves, and soothing calendula petals, this tea is a delightful symphony of natural ingredients.

Start Your Day with a Zestful Kick

Apple Mojito Tea is your ideal morning companion, designed to kickstart your day with a caffeine boost from both the green tea extract and premium green tea leaves. This revitalizing blend will help you stay alert and focused as you conquer your daily tasks.

A Symphony of Aromas and Tastes

Indulge your senses with the delightful aroma of fresh wild apples combined with the invigorating essence of peppermint. The infusion of green tea extract adds depth and complexity to the flavor profile, while the inclusion of calendula petals lends a subtle floral note. The result? A harmonious blend that tantalizes your taste buds with every sip.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for a Greener Tomorrow

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging. Apple Mojito Tea comes in a 30-gram home compostable pouch, ensuring that you not only enjoy a flavorful and energizing tea but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Key Features:
- Refreshing blend of wild apple, peppermint, green tea extract, green tea, and calendula.
- High caffeine content for a morning energy boost.
- Aromatic and invigorating with a delightful apple and mint combination.
- Environmentally-friendly 30-gram home compostable pouch.

Embrace the morning with the vibrant taste of Apple Mojito Tea. Revitalize your senses, seize the day, and make a sustainable choice for your tea enjoyment. Order your pouch today and savor the goodness in every sip.

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