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Blue Lotus Tea

Blue Lotus Tea

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Blue Lotus Tea is a premium organic tea made from natural blue lotus flowers. These delicate flowers are known for their calming and uplifting effects on the body and mind, making it the perfect blend for those looking to unwind after a long day. The honey-like taste of this tea is truly delightful, making each sip an indulgent experience. Blue Lotus Tea is a great option for anyone looking to unwind and relax after a long day or simply enjoy some time out from their busy schedules.

Each clip lock bag comes with 15 grams of Blue Lotus.

- Organic blue lotus flowers
- Calming and uplifting effects
- Honey-like taste
- Can also be used as smoking herb

- Provides a natural way to achieve relaxation and calmness without the use of chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs
- Suitable for those who are health-conscious as it is organic and all-natural
- Easy to prepare and can be enjoyed both hot or cold depending on your preference
- Can be used in various ways other than drinking like smoking, creating bath bombs or oils

Note: It is important to consume Blue Lotus Tea in moderation as high dosages can lead to mind-altering effects and hallucinations.

This unique herbal tea is packed in a compostable clip lock bag, making it environmentally friendly. 

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