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Vervain Tea

Vervain Tea

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Introducing our stellar Vervain Tea (Verbena officinalis) – the ultimate anxiety antidote and nervous system soother! Sip on this magical elixir roughly an hour before bedtime for a restful night's sleep; it's your go-to bedtime buddy! But that's not all – this fantastic tea isn't just a sleep superhero; it's also a digestion champion! Enjoy a cup alongside your meals to give your digestive system the TLC it deserves.

This herbal wonder is packed in bags, each containing a generous 40 grams of pure goodness! With its anxiety-relieving and sleep-promoting qualities, coupled with its digestive support, our Vervain Tea is your perfect holistic wellness companion. Say goodbye to restlessness and digestive woes, and embrace the calming, soothing power of Vervain Tea in every comforting cup!


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