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Rose Heart Candle

Rose Heart Candle

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This Rose Heart Candle is a dreamy combination of strawberry cream, rose quartz, and pink salt. It not only provides a serene ambiance to your surroundings but also has healing properties that enhance your emotional wellness. The rose quartz within the candle radiates love energy that fills your heart with powerful loving vibes which in turn attracts harmonious relationships with others besides promoting love for oneself.

- Artisan Coco-Soy Candle
- Contains real rose quartz crystal infused into the wax
- Made from natural ingredients
- Handmade with seasonal materials

- Promotes feelings of relaxation and tranquility in space where it is lit.
- Enhances emotional wellness by filling the heart with positive loving energy.
- Improves relationships by attracting harmonious companionship around you.
- Amplifies self-love to help you treat yourself kindly.

Please note that this product is handmade with seasonal materials; hence, its appearance may slightly vary from the photo.

Approx. Burn time

Mini Silver Tins - 6 hours

White Tins - 20 hours

Glass Jar - 60 hours

*Please note that due to the natural variations in our handcrafted products, including colour and decoration, the item you receive may not be an exact match to the product images displayed. These unique variations are part of the charm and beauty of our artisanal creations, making each piece one-of-a-kind.
**Please read the candle card provided noting larger items are to be removed prior to lighting, they are an additional component to be removed and enjoyed such as our sage smudge sticks, mini wire wrapped bouquets, dried fruits and large gemstones, other smaller florals and gemstones chips will sink into the wax as it melts down.
As always please use discernment and never leave a burning object unattended.
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