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Breastfeeding Tea

Breastfeeding Tea

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Breastfeeding Tea

Nurture your body and enhance your breastfeeding journey with our Breastfeeding Bliss Tea, a carefully crafted blend of chamomile, vervain, moringa, and nettle leaf. Each ingredient is chosen for its unique benefits, ensuring you receive the best nature has to offer.

Key Ingredients:

Chamomile: Known for its calming properties, chamomile helps you relax and reduces stress, promoting a peaceful breastfeeding experience.

Vervain: This herb supports milk production and overall wellness, making it an excellent choice for nursing

Moringa: Packed with essential nutrients, moringa enhances your energy levels and provides vital vitamins and minerals to support lactation.

Nettle Leaf: Rich in iron and vitamins, nettle leaf boosts your immune system and helps maintain healthy milk supply.

Sizes Available

Sample: Perfect for trying out our blend before committing to a larger bag.
Small: Ideal for regular use, this size ensures you always have a fresh supply on hand.
Medium: Best for frequent tea drinkers, offering great value and convenience.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our small and medium bags come in compostable clip lock bags, keeping your tea fresh while caring for the environment. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your choice supports sustainable practices.

Embrace the natural way to enhance your breastfeeding journey with Breastfeeding Tea, where every sip is a step towards wellness and comfort for you and your baby.

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