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Woodwicks & Wildflowers

Affirmation Stickers

Affirmation Stickers

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Woodwicks and Wildflowers Affirmation Sticker is the perfect way to bring positive vibes into your life. Whether it's stuck to your car, laptop, water bottle or wall, this sticker serves as a daily reminder that everything you are going through right now is preparing you for all of the things you've dreamed of.

Our sticker features a white background with hand-lettered black text in various font sizes, making it visually pleasing and eye-catching.

The sticker measures 14.5 cm long and 4.8 cm high and comes with untracked shipping within Australia at no extra cost!

- Small size—14.5 cm x 4.8 cm
- Durable material for sticking on all surfaces
- Visually appealing design
- Positive reminder

Free untracked shipping within Australia

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