How to DIY Flower Confetti Like a Pro - Australian Edition

How to DIY Flower Confetti Like a Pro - Australian Edition

Planning a wedding or celebration and want to add some eco-friendly touches? Flower confetti made from biodegradable materials such as petals and leaves can be a beautiful and sustainable option. This easy-to-follow DIY guide will show you how to create flower confetti with an Australian twist. 


you wish to make confetti out of. Choose them while they are still healthy, as dying flowers will not yield beautiful and vibrant confetti. Great edible Australians flowers are:

  1. Narsturtiums
  2. Violet, Violas and Pansies
  3. Runner bean flowers
  4. Calendulas
  5. French Marigolds
  6. Sunflowers
  7. Pumpkin flowers


If your flowers are fresh from the garden, you'll want to separate and bundle before you turn them into confetti. Remove any leaves from your stems, and trim - leaving at least a couple of cm to hang your flowers to dry. If you have multiple types of flowers, gather each flower type into small individual bundles. Secure near the base of the flowers with some sort of rope or thread.


Hang flowers upside down in a cool dry location. Make sure all the buds are facing the ground as the flowers will dry in the same direction they are hung. Leave the flowers for 2-4 weeks to dry thoroughly. Check regularly as they may need to be re-tied. Although we also have ready to purchase EDIBLE FLOWER CONFETTI if you're feeling like want them quicker.

Now just just need to carefully separate them and storage. Enjoy Your DIY Flower Confetti!

Congratulations on successfully creating your own beautiful and eco-friendly flower confetti! Whether you’re planning a wedding or any other celebration, your handmade confetti is sure to impress your guests. Remember, making your own flower confetti allows you to choose the exact colors and flowers that match your theme, while also being kind to the environment. Don’t forget to store your flower confetti in an airtight container until the big day!

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